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"I only told you to hurt you. I want to see you cry and hurt. I want you to fall and smash into a million pieces over something you cannot control. "

How dare you try and use me like that.
How dare you bring all your problems into my world, and try to use them to hurt me.
How dare you even have the fucking audacity to tell me you wish I’d go with you.
How fucking dare you. 

Not only have you made me suffer the past few days with your incorrigible bullshit, but you’ve also pushed me over the edge several times. You’ve cried and told me all this CRAP. This bullshit that you’ve spewed out, that I’ve personally taken on and tried to help you with, only to sit there for hours on end crying over you, only to find out you’re telling me this so I spiral.

Because it’s so funny to try and ruin someone’s life, isn’t it?
"Why bother with just killing yourself, when you can kill destroy somebody else’s life and make them do it too. We both know I’m not going alone, so just admit it and let it happen; come with me."
You fucker, get the fuck out of my life, right now. 
You’re not worth it for a second.
You absolute fucker.

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